Trust. Laura’s story.

I have delivered five babies in five different places in three different counties, four of which have been home births. For my last birth I found myself on the Costa Del Sol where during the process of looking for a home birth provider I stumbled across Antonia and then through her Karen. From our first video call I felt at ease. Karen exuded a wealth of knowledge not only on medical issues but also in respect of the holistic aspects of pregnancy and birthing.  In fact she picked up on an important issue that all the Drs and nurses I had seen in my pregnancy missed. Antonia dealt with most of my in-person pre-natal care and she was always professional and attentive. I had a very stressful ongoing family issue and she took the time to listen to my concerns and helped me navigate the problem. It gave me strength and invigorated me to keep to the course of action that I inherently I knew was right for me and my baby.

During most of my delivery they were both very hands off which is what I wanted. However, I never felt that I wasn’t being looked after or alone.

Both Karen and Antonia seemed to innately know what was the right level of attention I personally needed. Towards the end when I was in my pool Karen sat behind me and held me giving me words of encouragement and getting me to relax by dropping my shoulders. It was something I never knew I wanted or needed, even after four previous deliveries, but obviously she did and she was so right! That very simple instruction made the world of difference and helped me relax, refocus and deliver my beautiful son.

All in all I feel very fortunate to have had Antonia and Karen in my corner during the final stages of my pregnancy and my delivery. I’ve never had any consistency of care in my pregnancies and the midwives that delivered my previous children were totally unknown to me. For me, even knowing but more so trusting the women delivering my baby was unique and so amazing. Together they make a passionately formidable team who complement each other in so many ways and if I was ever to have another child they would without a doubt be my first port of call.


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